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damn it

why.... I don't know what went wrong I tried to be a good daughter and I never wanted to upset Mary... I have made myself physically ill over this... I didn't get to sleep until 4:00 in the morning.... spent the whole night crying..... woke up to say goodbye to chris and then went back to sleep forgetting to set my alarm again and I woke up at 11:00 and that was because I was gagging and barely made it upstairs to throw up which I have been doing all day... Took some Nyquil actually drank milk to try and settle my stomach.... I just want to die right now for upsetting her.... she'll probably get more pissed at me for staying home today but I feel like shit couching up all sorts of fun stuff and twice I puked up blood.... not fun.... Maybe she would like it better if I were to move back home.... If i just disappeared.... Then her life would be better just like everyone elses is when im gone.... Just stay out of her life as she probably prefers it.... I thought things would be better living with my real mom but I think she hates me... and only let me move in with her because kim asked her to let me.... maybe she doesn't love me at all....

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